Zhu Di


Zhu Di, Evening Mist, 2012, Porcelain Panel Painting, 82 x 72 x 3 inches, 208 x 184 x 7.6 cm  (framed) 



Zhu Di, Snow at Dusk: After Mi Youren, 2013, Porcelain Panel Painting, 73 x 29.5 x 2.5 inches, 186 x 75 x 6.5 cm


Zhu Di, Delicate Fragrance, 2013, Porcelain, 29.5 x 8.5 inches, 75 x 21.5 cm



Zhu Di, Silence in Mountains, 2013, Porcelain Panel Paintings, 46.5 x 49.5 x 2 inches, 118 x 126 x 4 cm (framed)



Zhu Di

Zhu Di was born in 1969 in Anhui province, China. After graduating in 1991 from the Beijing Central Academy of Art and Design, he taught drawing and painting at the Hefei University of Technology and Chinese language at the University of Venice. Renowned throughout China as a master contemporary ceramicist, Di’s unique command of the high-fired glazing technique has earned him both domestic and international acclaim. The subject of international solo and group exhibitions, his works have been featured in numerous academic journal and art publications. In 2008 he published The Soul of Venice; Reflections in the Water Captured by a Chinese Artist in conjunction with the Soul of Venice photography exhibition at the Palazzo Vendramin Calergi. The artist currently divides his time between China and Italy.

Zhu Di’s work contemplates the rapport between perception and actuality, working complex arrangements of colored glaze into abstracted porcelain geographies. From his studio in Jingdezhen, the artist utilizes a variety of carefully controlled under glaze techniques. When fired, portions of the surface become crystalline, imbuing the ceramic plain with a delicate luminosity. When balanced with the artist’s contrasting palette of golden earth tones and shadow-like washes, the effect is a harmonizing reconciliation of color and light.

Di’s compositions are informed by a keen art historical awareness. The Chinese centuries-old tradition of forging one’s individual style by drawing individual style by drawing inspiration from the past plays a particular role. The elongated format of the artist’s panels reminisce classical Song landscape paintings of the 11th century, while the ambiguity of form and ample use of negative space finds its roots in the Southern School. Sensitive to the lyricism of the scholar-painter (wenren hua), Di’s distorted topographies create a panorama that is physically inaccessible yet emotionally traversable. The viewer is at once asked to acknowledge the old masters and empathize with the expression of the current hand. The resulting arrangements are powerful, yet balanced, spiritual yet tangible.



2016        Asia Week New York, Arader Gallery, New York, USA

2015        New York Art, Antique, and Jewelry Show, New York, NY, USA

2015        Asian Art in London, London, UK

2015        Masterpiece London, The Royal Hospital Chelsea, London, UK

2015        PAD Paris Art + Design, Paris, France

2015        Palm Beach Jewelry, Art, and Antique Show, New York, NY, USA

2013        East Sheng – Chinese Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition, Shenzhen

2013        Like Foreign – New Court Porcelain Painting, Shenzhen

2013        Yang Yu Cheng Porcelain, Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics Elite, Yutang Ceramic Arts Center, Beijing

2012        Featured Artist, First Contemporary Chinese Ceramic Art Exhibition, Beijing

2012        Observing the Way, New Academic Painting on Ceramics, Nanchang

2011        8th Biennial of Chinese Contemporary Young Ceramic Artists’ works, Hangzhou

2011        Special Invited Artist, Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition, Ningbo Museum, Ningbo

2009        12th Annual Contemporary Chinese Ceramic Art Exhibition, Individual Award Winner, Hangzhou

2009        The Soul of Venice, Solo Exhibition of Ceramics and Photography, Beijing-Tianjin

2009        The Shanghai Spring Art Salon, Shanghai

2008        11th Contemporary Chinese Ceramic Art Exhibition, Hangzhou

2008        The Soul of Venice Solo Photography Exhibition at Palazzo Vendramin Calergi, Venice

2006        Solo Exhibition of ceramics, The Mediterranea Festival, Intercontinentale della Letterature e delle Arti, Rome

2006        Invited Foreign Artist, Venetian Ceramicist’s Exhibition, “Bochaleri in Campo”, Venice